Our 2016 Renovation Resolutions

Happy 2016 everyone! I hope your celebrations with your loved ones was fabulous! We are winding down from our ever busy holiday season and turning a weary eye once again to the siding that will not end! 

So while John faithfully spends another weekend hanging siding, I turn my attention to thinking towards the future. For a matter of accountability and to think long term plans - here are our Renovation Resolutions for 2016!!

1. Finish that (darn) siding! This should not take too much longer and we can hopefully cross it off within the month
    Expected complete date: January


2. Convert Garage and Basement into livable apartment : This is the next huge formidable project that looms on the horizon. Our hope is that by transforming this space, we will be able to pay down our mortgage and build up a savings cushion to supplement our one person income. There are three phases to this goal

⦁    Phase 1: Converting the laundry area and finishing the bathroom.  This area of our house is without a doubt the weirdest quirk that we have encountered. That closet right there

Garage before

Garage before


... there's a toilet behind that doorway. We hope to knock down that creepy toilet in a closet, replace the laundry sink with a regular sink, and add a standing shower, and of course build walls around the whole shabang. That washer and dryer will jump through the wall and take residence in the "master bath." I've got glorious plans for that - but ....lets not get a head of ourselves. :)
        Expected Complete date: April

⦁    Phase 2: Transform our garage into upper level of the apartment. We'll replace the garage door with french doors, bringing in natural light. We'll build a separate hallways entrance for ourselves, install a small eat in kitchen and of course add flooring and drywall the whole area.  This space will be the apartment's living room and kitchen.
        Expected complete date: May


⦁    Phase 3: Transform that basement into bedrooms. The biggest part of this project will be changing out at least two windows into larger egress windows. I plan to craigslist the actual windows to save money. In addition we will need to frame, drywall, add flooring, doors, sound proof  and place wardrobes to transform this space into comfortable bedrooms. 
        Expected complete date: August (this is important as we will most likely rent to         students who come back to town in August) 

Basement Before. 

Basement Before. 

3. Downstairs(master) bathroom renovation : Remember that laundry room relocation? This is when it gets good. We hope to do a large rehaul/update of the master bathroom. This will include adding a walk in closet/laundry room that passes through into a master bathroom. We will be adding tiling, new bathtub, new toilet, new double sink and new lights. 
    Expected complete date: December

4. Other important details : In addition to these renovation plans, we will be rehauling the electrical (early Feb), installing a backyard fence (summer) staining exterior brick (summer), finish painting the stairs and adding runners (Jan.) and maybe....doing some updating to our cabinets


There it is! Writing all that out gets me so excited and so overwhelmed all at the same time! It'll be interesting to see how on point we are able to keep through this next year.
Have you made any 2016 Renovation Resolutions? Share them with me below!