Creating a vision for your home

What do you hope people feel when they enter your home?

What do you hope your home encourages people to do? What do you hope stands out to people?

What do you strive to do in your home for yourself and for your family? 


Whether or not you've asked yourself these questions outright, your intrinsic answers point to something you may not even know you have


The picture you have of your home and the feeling you hope to inspire for yourself and others is a large part of the vision you have for your home. So today let's talk about the 3 top reasons you need to be developing a vision for your home

1. Marketers know ALL about vision and use it to their advantage

The tricky/nasty part of it all is that marketers and advertisers know about this undercurrent vision in all of us. They prey on this with brand identity and marketing schemes. Their main goal is to turn whatever vision you have for your home and replace it with the vision they have for their product. 

When you are unaware or unintentional with the vision you have for your home, you leave the door wide open for anyone to come in and replace it with a hollow facade of something else. You and I are guilty of this anytime we wander through a store and see a cute item on the shelf. We buy that newest thing, bring it home, and for some reason it just doesn't quite look the same in our house. Most likely, it's because we were seduced by the vision that product cast in the store, but it did not match at all with what we have been attempting at home. 

2. Visions help you actually make the house you want, not just the house you think you want.

What if you don't like how you decorate, or what your home is currently saying? That's the great and most important things about visions! They are meant to achieve long term goals and change! Change should start from places of vision!! You can't change or redo something if you don't actually know what you want! That's just about as dangerous as going to the hairdresser and saying, "oh, you know, just do whatever you feel like!" That almost never works out - especially for the curly haired ones in the world!

So if you are on the cusp of renovation, or thinking about redecorating can I just encourage you to stop and begin to at least think through what vision you have currently and what vision you would like to have. 

3. Visions act as the anchor to our creativity. 

What's the perfect home? Every one of us would answer that a little bit differently.  There is NO standard of what a home should look like, and yet, with the introduction of instagram, pinterest, and...the internet, we have access to beautifully posed homes again and again. The reality is that very few homes look like this all the time. If we spend all our energy and time running hard after that mirage we will have little remaining to actual create something true to us!  But when we have a vision already in our mind it steadys us.  We can carefully pick and choose what actually fits within the umbrella of our vision - rather than frantically chasing whatever next thing catches our attention. 

Still having a hard time understanding how this could make a difference? Let me share from my own mistakes and hopefully it will help you avoid the same ones! 

When we first bought our home, within weeks of moving in I got a call from a good friend who was doing some landscaping. She offered to bring over some flowers so we could plant some beautiful plants in my brand new yard. I excitedly agreed and she drove over, van full of flowers ready to be planted. 

"Where do you want them?" she asked. 

I didn't know. I didn't have a vision for the yard, and what I wanted the outside place to be for us. We just looked at where the sun was hitting the yard and planted away. We spent most of the afternoon planting along the foundation walls. 

Here's the bad news for those well intentioned lilys. They will ALL be dug up within the next year. We plan on having a back sidewalk and patio installed back there. We also plan on digging out an egress window well where at least 50% of the flowers were planted. So, now here's where my lovely flowers are

Now, don't hear me say that plans never change. There will be times, even with a vision in mind, that situations or opportunities throw unexpected curveballs your way. In fact, sometimes, this is where the most beautiful parts of creativity can come. But if I had stopped and thought through what our backyard was going to be I would have known that those flowers shouldn't have been planted.

Our vision for our backyard is: 

1. A place where children can play and adults can relax. This means our top priority shouldn't have been flowers but patio furniture and taking care of the bee problem. 

2. We knew our top priority was siding. Well, when you reside a house you straight up TRAMPLE anything within a five foot permiter of the exterior.  So instead of beautiful landscaped pops of color, this was the end result. 

The flowers are underneath that ladder. 

The flowers are underneath that ladder. 

Instead of paying attention to vision I simply went - flowers! Flowers are pretty! Let's do it. Every homeowner plants flowers!!

At the end of the day we wasted a few hours and some flowers got trampled. But, sometimes the projects you jump into are bigger and the outcomes a lot more discouraging. So, avoid my mistakes and don't plant flowers until you are sure they fit into your vision!!

Next Steps

Want to create a vision? Not sure where to start? We've got you on this one!  Over the month of February we are going to be working together to develop working and stated visions for our home! Woo hoo! Wanna join me? Make sure you subscribe to get updates sent straight to our inbox, or follow us on whatever social media you want. We'll update you as we go!

Until next time!