About us


We are so glad you decided to drop by! Welcome to our little internet corner. We are constantly looking for new ways to share our insights and expertise with you. We are knee deep in our own home renovations - and will be documenting step by step our own home remodeling adventures. Our remodeling goals for ourselves and others is straightforward: to do quality work paired with a frugal mindset. Inexpensive does not always mean cheap - and a little creativity can go a long way!

So here's a little about ourselves. 

Young Family 

Young Family 


John: Carpenter, Business Owner, Remodeler, Entrepreneur

Janelle: Dreamer, Frugalista, Crafter, Pinterest Junkie, Writer

Together we are Hammers and Curls: Husband and Wife. Parents.  Your DIY, renovation and home remodel experts!

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Our Story

For the past 11 years John has been busy devoting himself to becoming an expert in the field of contracting and construction. In 2009, John took all his knowledge from applying his skills across the country and settled in the Midwest to build his own small contracting company. 

In the meantime, Janelle devoted herself to higher ed, leading and mentoring college students - oh and getting a Masters in Counseling and having two kids as well. 

Then in 2015 all that changed when we decided to move out of the dorms and start adulting like normal folks in their thirties. That's right folks - we bought a house!

Buying our first place!

Buying our first place!


In a whirlwind year we went from one kid to two, no house to a full out mortgage and 2 incomes to one! Whew!

Hammers and Curls is born

That leads us to the birth of this blog.

One wintry evening we had one of those conversations that left us at a cross road. How do we live out our passions, practice intentionality and prioritize family? We talked about all the ways John wished he could help homeowners in all stages of their renovations. We talked about how I regretted not taking more opportunities to develop my passion for writing and communication. That night something changed, and sparked what would soon become "Hammers and Curls."

Our mission is simple - to funnel the wisdom we've gleaned over the years renovating ours and others homes and put it in your hands. 

For however long the Lord allows you get to come sit right smack dab in our little corner of the internet, watch and learn alongside us as we renovate our own place bit by bit. 

So stay a while, shoot us an e-mail or a comment and say hi!