Hello everyone! 

I apologize in advance for the crickets over here at Hammers and Curls. We have had a household of sniffles and fevers this past week. That on top of finishing up and planning out some exciting projects - we've gotten a bit back logged. But enough about that. We're here to really see some awesome before and after transformation! Right!?!

Chalk Paint before and after

So without further ado, let me introduce you to sad dresser exhibit A:

Used dresser on the side of the road

Used dresser on the side of the road

I've been waiting for a rightly priced dresser like this for over a year now! So when someone posted this free dresser and nightstand (he's hiding behind the dresser in this picture) I jumped at the chance. I figured if the drawers were completely off the track and irrepairable, I'd chuck the frame, and put the drawers on casters for under bed storage. But, the drawers were in perfect condition, just not put in correctly. 

After removing the stickers and scrubbing the whole dresser with every kind of stain removing solution I could find (I even tried mayo!, I decided repainting was my only course of action).


That's when I realized...

Chalk Paint is Awesome!

Now I hate bandwagons and everyone has been raving about chalk paint - I figured it couldn't be all that great.

I was wrong!

Chalk paint is life changing everyone. Stop painting furniture without it! Seriously. Jump on the bandwagon and come with me!! And if you are worried about the price - just DIY it. Yup, DIY the chalk paint.

The blog, Salvaged Inspirations actually lists four different recipes and her reviews of each. It's a fantastic resource. Check it out HERE. In the most basic terms possible the recipe I used was: 



1 CUP PLASTER PARIS mixed with water

Painting with Chalk Paint

I decided to mix up plaster of paris with some free leftover white paint I scrounged up in my basement. I may not have read the directions before dumping the plaster of paris right into the paint. Whoops! Apparently you are supposed to make a paste out of the plaster and water, and then add it to the paint. Skipping this step made my chalk paint a little grainier, but I think it still got the job done. 


After the paint was mixed, I went straight away and painted the dressers.

No sanding, no priming. In the end it took 2 coats on most of the dresser and 4 coats on the really stubborn sections with permanent marker. 

At this point the dresser looked like this (sorry I don't have a full shot) 


Pretty good, and I would have left it like that if we were different people. But alas, we are sadistically evil to our furniture and don't even own coasters. So I decided to seal it with wax. 

Waxing Chalk Paint

I used minwax finishing wax paste like this: 

You want to make sure you get it in "natural" rather than dark - unless you want to alter majorly the color of your paint. Here's the natural wax applied to the top of the dresser:

I'm not sure if you can really see it, but the wax does have a slight yellow hue to it, so it does darken lighter paints slightly. I think for future projects (especially white ones) I would recommend a different wax. 

Now I know some people recommend using a wax brush to apply the wax like this

but I'm lazy and procastinator, and we didn't have anything like that in town - so I just applied it with a general paint brush. I had to really work at pushing the wax into the wood when applying it.

I applied the wax in small sections to the dresser, letting each section dry for about 10 minutes before I buffed the wax off with a clean microfiber white cloth (or, you know, old cloth diaper). I've heard tshirts work great for this too. It took some real elbow grease for me to get the dresser to begin to shine with the wax, but this may have also been in part to poorly mixed chalk paint. For the top of the dresser I choose to do three layers of wax since it would get more wear. 

We let the dresser and stand cure over night and moved them into place. 

I think the final results came out pretty great!

Just in case you forgot the before....


And another view


Now that I've discovered chalk paint, I see painting projects everywhere. Watch out world - I'm coming for you. :) 

What about you? Have you tried your hand at chalk paint yet? Share your experience below!